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Nicole Paggiossi is a dancer, choreographer and teacher from Nobleton, ON. She danced and trained at Art&Soul Dance Company in Kleinburg,ON. She trained in all disciplines of dance including jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, acrobatics, musical theatre and modern. Through this training, it brought Nicole to compete and take classes in New York City, Florida, Chicago and Toronto. Nicole has also worked, trained, and assisted with many world reknown choreographers and artists across North America. Some include, Kenny Pearl, Caroline Torti, Tiffany McLachlan, Dale Lam, Andrea Viola, Ryan Lee, Hani Abaza and Stephanie Viola.

Moving forward from her competitive career, Nicole continued her training and studies at the School of Performance at Ryerson Univerity in Toronto, ON, under the direction of Vicki St.Denys. During her time at Ryerson she trained with many brilliant teachers such as Vicki St. Denys, Tanya Evidente, Karen Duplisea, Kenny Pearl, Louis Louberge-Coté, Arsenio, Robert Glumbeck, Kenny Pearl, Lourdes Hernandes, and Lauren Cook. Nicole also had the privilege of working with choreographers such as, James Kudelka, Canadian choreographer and former Artistic Director of the National Ballet of Canada, as well as William Yong, Artistic Director of Zata Omm.

Nicole has currently graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance Dance and has been performing in the concert and commercial dance industry. She loves to share her passion of dance through choreographing and teaching. She has choreographed in Toronto and Ottawa, and continues to teach at dance studios in the GTA.

Nicole is Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Release Dance Project.

Other Works: Re: Move, Kirsten Sullivan, Taylor Bojanowski, Madisen Young, Katherine Toogood, Collective 9 (2017), Play, Katrina Grogan-Kalnuk, Pops Dance Co (2015); House of Heartbreak, Christina Digiueseppe (2015); I Love Your Money, Vision Entertainment (2014); Judas, emiMOTION (2014); Summer Time Sadness, Christina Digiueseppe (2014); Summer Nights, Christina Digiueseppe (2014); Vaughan Mayors Gala, Andrea Viola (2012)

Ryerson Works: The Women, Kirsten Sullivan, New Voices Festival (2017), XX(XY), Clara Eaton, New Voices Festival (2017), remember when.., Taylor Bojanowski, New Voices Featival (2017), Flow, Preston Wilder, New Voices Festival (2017), I am, Katherine Toogood & Madisen Young, New Voices Festival (2017), Luna, Katie Allen, New Voices Festival (2017),United Chaos, Kate Musin, Choreographic Works (2017); Yaow, Stella Medley, Choreographic Works (2017); Distopia, Taylor Bojanowski, Choreographic Works (2017); Consume, Austin Litchy, Choreographic Works (2017); Ne Me Quitte Pas, Nicole Paggiossi, Choreographic Works (2017); Company 3, Fourth Years, Choreographic Works (2017); Black Rain, William Yong, Ryerson Dances (2016); Home, Peggy Shannon, Justin De Bernardi, Ryerson University: World Theatre and Dance Tour to Greece (2016); With(in), Kirsten Sullivan, Choreographic Works (2016); Ascendance, Kate Musin, Michaëla St-Pierre, Choreographic Works (2016); The Beauty of Nothingness, Nicole Paggiossi, Choreographic Works (2016); Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Lianne Tammi, Choreographic Works (2016); Mob, Taylor Bojanowski, JC Vaughan, Choreographic Works (2016); Kudelka Meets Ryerson Dances, James Kudelka, Ryerson Dances (2015); Untitled, Tori Mehaffey, Ryerson Choreographic Lab (2015); Dissolution, Kirsten Sullivan, Enchoreo (2015); Outside, Tessa Kuz, Enchoreo (2015); Komfort, Nicole Paggiossi, Enchoreo (2015)